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Play Roulette Properly

Roulette game is a game of success and chance. To become a skillful player you should know the probability and math properly. Roulette rules are quite simple to learn and understand.

The Process of the Game

  1. The players place their bets on any number or number combination (there are numbers from 1 to 36, and 0 or 00 slots).
  2. The banker spins the playing ball around the spinning in the opposite direction wheel.
  3. When the wheel and the ball stop, the banker announces the winning number.

Winning Bets and Payouts Table

Roulette Game Variations

  1. American Double Zero Roulette.
  2. European Single Zero Roulette.

Roulette Online Casinos

There you can find a list of recommended online casinos for playing roulette. They provide their players with excellent support service, odds and quick winning payments.

  • Millionaire Casino
  • Spin Palace
  • Platinum Play
  • William Hill
  • Red
  • Virgin Casino
  • Silver Dollar
  • Inter Casino

Online Roulette Strategies and Tips

  1. Always try to play European Roulette, as the casino advantage there is less than in American variant.
  2. Don't try to use betting systems, and if you've already decided this, choose the progression one. It is needed to put 1-unit wager on Odd/Even, Red/Black bet (Even Bets). In the case you win, put another 1-unit wager. If you lost the game the next bet you need to place is 2-unit one.
  3. Never base your wagers on the previous outcomes. For example, red and black slots have the 50/50 winning chances, so don't hope, that after ten red results will follow 10 black ones.
  4. If you are a player placing high bets, roulette is exactly the game, what you need.