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Play Craps Online

Craps online game is one of the most simple and popular games in the world. Its rules are quite easy, the one thing you have to examine thoroughly is the types of bets. And, of course, each player should know the main casino tips.

Craps Rules

  1. The dice is thrown by the gamblers themselves in turn. How to detect the next player, who should throw the dice? It is the gambler, who stands to the left of the "shooter" (the gambler, who throws the dice).
  2. The table is divided into the three sections:
    • 1st (middle section) - it is intended for the boxman and the stickman.
    • 2nd section - is aimed for the banker
    • 3rd section - the table side for the players.
  3. Craps table duties:
    • The dealer is occupied with the chips exchanging - he/she collects losing wagers and pays winning ones.
    • The boxman is responsible for currency, exchanges money for chips. And also he/she is responsible for correct play.
    • The stickman is responsible for everything connecting with the dice. He also places proposition bets.
  4. The first shooter's roll is "come-out roll". It starts the game procedure and decides the outcome of the following actions.
  5. The shooter throw the dice after the placing the wagers. They are thrown pass the stickman.
  6. The two die must hit the wall and drop on the playing table. It makes cheating less possible.

Types of Bets in Craps Online

  • Pass Line - wins if there fall on 7 and 11, loses - 2, 3, 12.
  • Don't Pass Line - opposite to the previous one.
  • Come Bet - is placed afterwards come-out roll.
  • Don't Come - is alike Don't Pass Line Wager.

Together with regular types of wagers there exist Odd Wagers, which can work at the same time. Odd wagers are the most convenient in the game.

Odd Wagers