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Craps Bets

The very first roll when it comes to craps would be known as a come out. If the total of the dice lies from 4 or 10, the point will be established. Conversely, if any other total comes out during that roll, the round will end right away. After the point gets established, a puck that says "ON" is put on that point. Then, the dice will get continuously rolled until the exact same point comes out again. A 7 can also come out.

The Different Bets

Bets on pass lines are placed onto those lines before rolling the first roll. If an 11 or a 7 comes out, you win that round and it ends. If a 12, 2, or 3 come out, it will be called craps - a loss. Numbers from 4 to 10 are all points. To win, you need to roll a point before rolling a 7. Rolling a 7 before rolling a point means you lose. Winning bets on pass lines have payouts of 1:1.

There is also an opposite of bets on the pass line called do not pass lines. These are put on the tables do not pass bar prior to rolling the first roll. When it comes to bets of do not pass lines, the bet is on the shooter rolling a 7 prior to rolling a point. If you get a 3 or a 2, you will win the very first roll. If you get a 7, you will win all the other rolls. If the very first roll happens to be a 12, it is a tie and the bet will be given back to you. If the very first roll is an 11 or a 7, you lose. If you get anything else, it is a point. Winning bets of do not pass lines have payouts of 1:1, as well.

Odds bets are used as backup bets for bets on pass lines and do not pass lines. The highest bet here would be triple your first bet.

Come odds and pass odds payout 2:1 on rolls of 10s or 4s; 3:2 on rolls of 9s and 5s; and 6:5 on rolls of 8s and 6s. Odds of do not pass lines payout 1:2 on rolls of 10 or 4; 2:3 on rolls of 9 and 5; and 5:6 on rolls of 8s and 6s.

Unlike with original bets of pass lines and do not pass lines, odds bets are removable from the game table while playing.