Casino Bonus Types

The great variety of online casinos today offers a lot of different bonuses and promotions. They can very generous and attractive, especially for the novice players, but you should read very carefully bonuses Terms & Conditions to know how to use them and to find out their advantages and disadvantages for you. Casino bonuses are offered in various shapes, have many restrictions and requirements.

Online Casino Bonus Types

  1. Welcome Bonus (it can be called also the Sign-up Bonus or New Gambler Bonus). It is one of the most favorite and popular bonuses. If the casino offers the player more than $100, the bonus will be divided into smaller pieces and will be available in even periods of time, for example each month you'll be given a particular bonus sum. This type of bonus includes two subtypes:
    • Percentage Bonus is based on the sum of money you want to deposit in casino games. The amount of this bonus varies from 50% to 500%, depending on the casino.
    • Match Bonus (Even Money Bonus) - it is a 100% casino bonus.
  2. Reload Bonus is usually offered to the novice players and is similar to welcome bonuses. It helps gamblers to keep open their accounts. Casinos offer either 100% Match, or some amount of free money.
  3. Preferred Deposit Bonus is offered if the player uses preferred by the casino payment method, so he/she can expect to receive 5% or 10% bonus. Casino establishments have different reasons to prefer one payment methods to the others.
  4. Loyalty Bonus is offered to the permanent players. The higher is the gambler's status, the biggest percentages and highest bonuses he/she receives.
  5. High Roller Bonus if usually available for players making large deposits (more than $1000). These gamblers usually receive percentage bonuses, depending on the sum of money.
  6. No Deposit Bonus isn't offered in all online casinos. Its amount is not very high, about $10. The player is not required to make any deposit and the bonus is given to him/her for stimulus. As after spending the offered bonus, the player will have the desire to continue playing. It is one of the advantages of online casinos, as you won't find such a bonus in any of the land based casinos. The bonus has a time limit and you have to use it during one week, as a rule.

Remember! Before depositing your money to any casino, first of all, check the bonus system offered. It can surprise you pleasantly, or you may be very glad, because you checked it first.